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My dear adaira_d,
let me set your birthday table with all the things which I couldn't pack in the small parcel with the two hook-end flappies for "ineinanderstecken":
A small bunch of well smelling flowers, a freshly baked cake and still some packets filled with only the best wishes.
Happy Birthday dearie
...and a quite huge hug and many smooches!



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Sep. 17th, 2006 04:16 pm (UTC)
ooOOO! thankyouthankyouthankyou! i LOVE gerbera daisies, and the cup-cake is very cutie! but more presents? oh dearie, you shouldn't have!

what a wonderful birthday picture! thanks loads sweetie!
Sep. 23rd, 2006 10:58 am (UTC)
I'm totally agree with you. Gerberas are such beautiful flowers and also one of my favorites.
( 2 callers — Speak to me )