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a lot of summer in my city

Holidays. Doing nothing. My apartment is on heated on 30 degrees (86°F). The sun burns on the darkened,let down shutters, windows with 46 degrees (115°F). No breeze blows. And it is firstly 10 o'clock.
I will start my vacation with a laze day. Yeah...

Thanks again to dkswords for the Kiefer beach pic! :) How you can see, it found finally the way in my photoshop.



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Jul. 22nd, 2006 08:31 pm (UTC)
Hope you have some relief soon.

Oh no, please, don't understand me wrong. I like this summer. We had a loooong cold and frosty winter. And if I don't have to work and can be lazy I have no reason to badmouth about too much hotness.

I'm glad, you don't got to see any hurricane this season. Maybe you will get also a kind of unusual summer without "too much whirl in the air".

Holidays have also some good sites. So I have again time for some pixel-baubles and I can stay again longer on the internet and chat with my friends ... mhmmmm, I enjoy it. :)
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