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Jack Bauer and Paul Gauguin

Today I found finally a little time for painting. Oh dammit, the first time in this year and we have still February. I have noticed that I'm from the exercise. I think it find slowly back. Oh I have missed my painter workshop so much.
Finally Germany released "Paradise Found". Yesterday I got the DVD. But I was disappointed from the German version. So much I enjoyed to understand every word, I couldn't find a favor on the synchronisation. No comparison to Kiefer's voice and his acting use. But for luck is on the DVD also the orignial sound track and so I started to watch it again, of course with genuine Kiefer voice.

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Feb. 13th, 2006 07:23 am (UTC)
Re: Jack Bauer and Paul Gauguin
Thanks! I'm glad you like them. :)
I think, you will have noticed, this ava-banner-set
is current my absolute favourite. ;)

Do you know the German release of this movie? If yes, what you are think about the synchronization? It's this time not Tobias Meister. I'm discontent with this German voice, not only from the timbre, also from the acting use. But for luck, there is also the original version and consequently Kiefer's voice on the DVD. I miss only English subtitles. I wouldn't use the German, because then I wouldn't try to translate by myself. I would simply read. And nothing would be with my way of English lesson. :(