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Rocco DeLuca in Berlin - Can anybody pinch me? part II

Although it has been already a couple of day, I'm still excited. And I can't believe it. danish6400 and me had the great opportunity to experience Rocco and The Burden and yeah, I also admint it Kiefer. But I swear, if I saw on Rocco's page, that he will come to a show in Germany and Danish and me planned to drive to Berlin, we both don't know, Kiefer would be also there.
In the forfield we had a lot of trouble to get tickets. Either we got non answer of our mails or the message, to have patience, maybe more in one week. It was for despairing! We had a hotelroom, we had the train tickets, only the WTFF dosn't support us.

A very lovely American friend helped us (she knows, how thankful we are). She told Ryan our unlucky story and he promised us to help on any way. Is it not crazy? I'm here in Germany couldn't do anything and she, far away in America, took movement to the matter.

We came to the WTFF, went in and looked around. No-one seems to notice us. All of sudden I detected Rocco. I went to him, told him who we were, he looked at me and said then: Oh, please wait a minute. He come back with a girl namens Michelle and she told us, yeah Ryan managed it. We would be his guests. If we would talk with him. OMG, firstly at this moment I noticed, I spoke to the 'wrong' guy. Yeah of course we wanted. Ryan was really very nice and polite. He welcomed us like old friends and he would be very pleased to see us. I should say, all the guy's are very nice. Thanks afterwards!
Later Ryan came on our table and we could talk with him again. We ask also, if we could get after the show some autographs. He promise us, that would be no problem.

11pm start to play the Band. Immediate all visitors went in front to the stage. A crazy guy animated everyone to do it. The show started with 'Gift'. It gave me the creeps. This playing! The only one bad thing, the crazy guy, who animated us, to come in front, stays in front of me and danced like a jumping jack. I couldn't see anything. After a while I said word for word ( Sorry!) "Why I have this fucking guy in front of me?" He heard it, turned round at me and ask: "You mean me?" "Yes! I can't see anything!" He looked at me, from head to feet and then he grasped me.... and pushed me in the first line withe the words: "So! Now you can look and enjoy!" Oh yeah, and that I did. Wonderful, amazing, great,...

12pm Kiefer stood on the stage and asked, if we would know the time. He wished us a HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!

After that I went firstly to the 'f****** guy' and said thank-you and huged him! I found, now he only was crazy and not longer f*******.
BTW, this was the guy or that was could capture my digicam.

Ryan stood besides the stage and Danish and me went to him, still very impressed of the just experienced and tried to bring it in words.

Then we both walked to the bar, took a glas sparkling wine and clinked glasses for the new year, ... and said thanks to our patrons. Ooh girly, I love you!!!

We remembered ours autograph wishes. We thought, we could meet Rocco and the Band again in the little room than we was at first. But now was in it party time. A woman on the door said, we couldn't come into. I told her, that we are guests of Ryan and we come in. Firstly we enjoyed the presens of Kiefer in this room. He came also to us to a little smalltalk. Later I gave him for 5 minutes 'backing'. He sat left besides me and talked with someone. But in my back I could feel this back. I could and didn't want to move. Sorry, but a little swarm should be possibly....

But there was still my wallpapers than a GIFT for got my DOPE, my favorite song, and my wish for sign it. Ryan, Dave and Greg were are just in the nearby and I tried to get my autographs. I said again thank-you for to be a guest and for the great music and would like to do this with those pictures. I had from everyone a second exemplar, one for the autographs and one than a present for the musicians. They looked on them very impressed and showed this too some guys from the team (I believe it was the film crew). I was so gladly, that they liked this. I got my signs and looked still for Rocco. I would told him, why I used of all this guitar on the 'gift-wall'. He said instant: "I know." Then I said, the name of the guitar is 'ROCCO'." And see said again: "I know!. And I love this guitar!" I don't thought, that he would know this and was about this very amazed. He searched for an pace on this guitar and wrote me a special dedication on it. And then he huged and kissed me. WOW! Then he fliped through my arts and detected the Kiefer wall.
This was embarrassing for me now. I said stammering: "Sorry, but I'm also a big fan of the actor Kiefer. And I thought, maybe he would give me also an autograph on one of my walls." He smiled at me and said: "Hey, don't worry about this! Kiefer is my best friend. I'm sure, he will like this. You should ask him!" Oh, a stone falled from my heart.
BTW, I got really an autograph of Kiefer on my BTRD-wall.

Than we both left the WTFF, we saw again Rocco, Ryan, Dave and Greg on the backdoor. I thanked a last one and Ryan called: "I have to thank."

Oh man, this New Year's Eve was my best and will be my unforgetable slide in a New Year!

PS: Will add some pic's later.

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