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firstly, it comes differently and, secondly, thinks as one

I enjoyd my yesterdays big movie day. After 'Last Light' landed still 'Eye for an Eye' in my DVD player.

In a sense I would today watch again some Kiefer dvd's. On my list stays already 'Desert Saints', 'Truth Or Consequences N.M.' and 'Flashback'. But anyhow I couldn't life without my brushes and colors. So I was in the afternoon for few hours in my 'paint room' and carved one picture in a lot of variants for an icon. A little selection of them later under the cut.

Today I have orderd a pair of earrings by Aludra Designs. The small black ones had done it to me.
Ilove already since a long time adaira_d's jewelrys. They are lovely.

Image hosted by hosted by

Sorry, I have many different versions. #:-O I know, that's total crazy. :D But I have used the pic also for testing some new brushes in an arbitrary combination. And I have played a little bit with colors, lights effects, gradients and blend modes. I have already decimated. Actually it is still more. :D All this really only a small pastime. ;)

01.Image hosted by hosted by hosted by

04.Image hosted by hosted by hosted by

07.Image hosted by hosted by

09.Image hosted by hosted by hosted by

I have still this one:
12.Image hosted by

If somebody of these takes something please comment and credit. Enjoy!

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