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movie day

Today, I am simply only lazy.
I have looked out for one couple of DVD at which I want to look. Okay, I was more hard-working here. *sheepish grin*
My first movie was - after a long while again - 'behind the red door'. I start to wail everybody at the same position, at the latest if Roy say to Natalie: "I've decision to stop taking my medication." So also today. This movie is and remains my favorite. Dot.

My second movie was 'Renegades'. Unfortunately only in German. *laugh* Unfortunately. If one considers that this is my mother tongue. And my English isn't the best. But if one know the voice of Kiefer, you don't want to miss that any more. The German synchro is really good, but original is original!

Now wait (a German) 'Last Light' to me.... I will pay special attention to the music here, too....Jude Cole.

'Wenn man vom Teufel spricht.' - 'If one talks about the devil.' :D
Few minutes waiting time....firstly I want watch the 'eXtra' video with Jude Cole and Citizen Cope. I got just a newsletter for it.
For download (12,70 MB; right click and 'save under...')

But now...'Last Light'!