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I need my own homepage

To often is the gallery down and my photobucket has only a limited bandwidth and space. In a sense too bad. I like the gallery. Was simple to put all the icons, banners and walls in it. I believe, to many 'Kiefer' have the server knees into forced.
I was today on the way across my journal and have checked and changed the links to my arts. Current I use ImageShack for hosting but I think it's better I would have a own address for my arts. I have checked my mail accounts and noticed, I have by some of them also a little bit free webspace with more or fewer limits. If I have vacations I will see, how I can use some of them and first of all how I can built a homepage. I'm already happy, that I can use at the time all the syntaxes here in the LJ. OMG, if I think on the begin. Firstly all in English and if would be that not already heavy enough also the HTML language. The first difficult and the second 'a book with seven signets'. I have copied all the comands . I had a 'pony' in form of a text-file. Now I can this also without this. And even my English is (okay, only a little bit) better as before.

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