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in the middle of the weekend

Today I have watched "The Bay Boy". I get a tape with a German version by a nice Kieferette. It's the first film, where Kiefer has a really part. And, hats off, he was fantastic!!!
Now I will try to burn the film on DVD for save this treasure. With my equipment a time consuming project. But the film is surer on DVD as on the tape.

Unfortunately is my gallery down since some days. So I use farther on image shack for hosting. I admit, isn't even a great deal but someway me miss the inspiration. Maybe is too the hot weather a reason for it. Or I'm even tired after my late shift in this week.
At the moment I have only one ava (the cap for it lies already a while on my PC) and a funny wall with screencaps by LadyBanks of 'Access Hollywood'. In a sense I have made three versions. But I think, this both are the best of the three.

Teaser: Image hosted by


for full size in 1024x768 click on the preview!
alternate links by error: #1, #2

3.Image hosted by


4.Image hosted by hosted by hosted by hosted by hosted by

and a little bit modified variant in font and size of the 'sweet memory' set:

09.Image hosted by

10.Image hosted by

11.Image hosted by

Tags: banner, icons and wallpaper

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