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A break for Rod

And why this? I get today a big packet from Amazon, ans in it was 4 DVD's of Howard Carpendale, two with a concert and two with him as actor in a serial. And so i need my dvd drive for one of the DVD's. And was a break too for Paintshop, because i need the monitor for watch. In my stand alone dvd player lies a Kiefer. "Promised Land" is not the best film, i think, it's boring. I don't know, if I would finish, it would without Sutherland. I believe not.

My first work in Paintshop was today a walli of a other kind:

Image hosted by

At least Henni will happy over this. I think, she hasen't see this on her special individual page. Seh know, that I have in the last day's only one person in my art's and this wasn't her favorit.
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