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Rod around the clock

But what I should make, please myself the songs always yet.
Ten songs, they I hera up and down:
Must I say this? I mean of course Rod Stewart. ;)

1. Cigarettes And Alcohol
2. Ooh La La
3. Rocks
4. Superstar
5. Secret Heart
6. Hotel Chambermaid
7. Shelly My Love
8. When We Were The New Boys
9. Weak
10. What Do You Want Me To Do?

And If I need quiet sounds, I pack the other Rod-CD in my player:

1. Three Time Looser
2. Alright For An Hour
3. All In The Name Of Rock 'N' Roll
4. Drift Away
5. Stone Cold Sober
6. I don't Want To Talk About It
7. It's Not The Spotlight
8. This Old Heart Of Mine
9. Still Love You
10. Sailing

I haven't change at the last days the CD. Because of my neighbors, I hear from evenings then however yet with Headset. I think, this songs neet a little more Volume.

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