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trouble without happy end

So langsam nervt mich meine firewall. Da hilft auch kein Rod Stewart mehr. Ich dachte, ich hätte das Problem im Griff. Irrtum!
Nun lässt sie mich noch nicht mehr mal das machen, ws ich ihr ausdrücklich erlaubt habe. Keine Ahnung, was das Problem ist. Nun werde ich noch einmal versuchen, die Version zu installieren, die gestern abend crashte.

So slowly irritates me my firewalls. There helps also no Stewart more. I thought, I would have the problem in the handle. Error! Now it lets make me not yet more once that, specifically permitted had ws I its. No idea what the problem is. Now I will trial to reinstall the version, they chrashed yesterday.

I have made today my entry for the next challenge and posted. I believe, will come out of this week many entries if Jack is the subject. If I wait to long, I become unsteady. I and trust myself no longer, to post.
Was weg ist, ist weg und beißt nicht mehr! - What is away, is away and bites no longer!

And now I will trial to finished the trouble with my PC.

So, I am here again! I have deinstall this dammit old firewall, have cleaned my registry, have installed my original firewall, have careful restart my computer and...Oh wich wonder, all seems work correct now. I hope, this hold a while. Actual I could change my title in Trouble with happy end, but I think, I should wait a while, if this is the end of the trouble now.
*laugh* Even the right music for this post and my qualms.

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