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Dammit! Trouble again with my firewall. As I started yesterday evening my computer, he ask me for change the clock for sommertime. Summertime?! No sunshine on this day and he ask me for summertime. Great. I said YES. And this was my blopper. My firewall notified me, that's it not continue the work and out with secure. I though, maybe help a newstart. Nothing! The sam message again. Then I have used a old setting of my computer from a time, where works all of them. Nothing! I reinstall the Firewall. Nothing. mhm
I searched the older version of this software and installed this. Oh, it's working. Horray. To early pleased. The first fault: my email program can't collect my post. I'm looking for the setting. I don't know, why. I have allowed. The second fault, I can't open a URL. I'm looking for my setting. Big Question, why not? I have allowed.
Now I'm busy for configured the firewall in manual-labour. I can collect my post and I can visit websites again. Me wonder now, earlier I haven't problems with the same setting. I'm curiousfor the next fault.
Fortunately I have also a hardware firewall. And maybe secures this Jack my desk too.