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a desk for Jack and me

Hey, today I have the first time used a messenger. Firstly a crash, but now is correct working, I hope.
Hey, not laugh, who that read. I know, it's a old and simple thing on the informationhighway. I have used emails and I knew one chat. And now. Since few month I get to know so many peoples from all over the world. Why I have wait so long for speedway and flatrate??? Years I was with my "snail" (56 kb modem) and a look to the clock in the web. And some times I had trouble with the different provider. Now I'm online, if I start my PC.

Two variants of one base picture. I don't know, which is better now.
I think, every one of them had a own impression.
Oh I had many of variants from this pic, they I found in the tv community. But I have trashed a lot of them. Maybe two other trials are on my hard disk.
I use most textures for wallpaper. It's (oh , dammit, 11 meanings for "komisch", wish is the right? *arrg*) freaky, I miss this on this wall. I have also problems with my last "true love" - wallpaper.
Maybe I make another with a texture, I would see.

1. 2. 3.

for full size (1024x768) click on the picture

Hey, craz, your "So little time" is a good new "letterman" for me. I will use it so long, as I make me self from this pic a owns.
Oh Henni, that is the out for Howard in my Journal. ;)

One desk more. Me like more the last version, it's more my style, that's I am.

edit two, 04/06/2005:
Ich habe das zweite rausgeschmissen, sowohl hier als auch in meiner gallery und es durch ein "realistisches" ersetzt. Wenn ich ehrlich bin, das gelbe gefällt mir auch nicht mehr. Aber ich kann ja nicht alles "wegwerfen"!

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