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frustration purchase

A new Rod Stewart-CD today. And why? Actually I would buying the new Carpendale-DVD of a concert from 1996. But no way in our shop. To home on the PC and to AMAZON. Yep, ordered and a little bit more of him. Of Kiefer was nothing, what I haven't. I wait for "Paradise Found". On December was a preview for March, but not more today. :( I don't know, why.
A old Sutherland have I buy today "Die Nadel". But I can also watch in original Was the first film, they I watched with a Sutherland.
I think, so bad wasn't the frustration purchase. ;)

I don't know, what Jude Cole made the music for three films of Kiefer: "Truth or Consequences N.M.", "Woman Wanted" and "Last Light". I read this for few minutes by AMAZON. I had searched for Jude Cole and found this.

Henni was glad over the wallpapers. She sad, all what I make with Howard is great. A pic with him, what's not good looks, that's impossible.*grin* I think, that's by Kiefer too!

Adaira, have you exchanged the font in your title banner?

CONGRATS adaira for the second places on the 24 contest! *clap*

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