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three mens

Today I was tby the hair-dresser. The hairs are off. No, no, not all. But again goodly shorty.
And I have buy me a CD of Rod Stewart, they are listen I in the moment. That's I can't tell Henni. For she are now Howard, Howard and Howard. For my Kiefer, Howard and in the moment Stewart. *grin*

Oh, Henni had even "inveighed" with me. She would also a wallpaper, but not with a Kiefer. I can't understand this! No, no, she is a lovely person. She had every time a open ear for me. And I can tell her all, the good and the bad things. She looks even in my gallery and show the new arts. But she would like rather a other man of her desktop.
OK Henni, you get your wall's:
for full size (1024x768) click to the preview

One she get today and one tomorrow. On my desktop keep up to date my "Hi, I am Jack". Not to believe by his look, it's a Jack Bauer.


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