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Nina, Letterman and Jack

Definitely this time a hard match, the contest. My belly know the first three places.
Hey, Im a genius. *lol* I had found alone the way, how i can cancel a line in a language, they I not knew ago three month (gibberish). The first to lines I can now forgotten. On a other place finished.

I have again edits my "letterman". Is he even yellow or cute. Of course the last!

I would ask Henni. She say this sure too. *grin*
And so what Kiefer not would jealous, I made BTW a Jack:

Yes nor one. I was in the afternoon to visit of my parents and come back firstly in the evening.
Man beachte die Reihenfolge! auweia! Oh sorry, I'm gibbrish as soon as possible: One follows the order!
I always lift the best for me for the end! OK, this isn't total true, but makes the order better. *grin*

I newly discovered an old Jack in the neighborship as I discovered as I dragged my new into the gallery. Horny (or you know BTW "cool" forthere?) saying!

I believe, I must checked the next time my icons with the Internet Explorer. I use Firefox. But just in this moment I see, the pictures are brigther displayed with Firefox!*marvel* I had no intuitiveness, that's so different! I though, browser is browser and the web displayed all grafics identic.