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I need a operation

I'm back of the doctor. I need fast a operation. maybe the last chance to repair the nerv in my left hand. It's already very bad with the blackout in my fingers. the muscles go back and the little finger curved and is as dead. I have forever less strong in my hand and all falls down. after Eastern I'm must go to the operation. before I have nor a test for control of the nervs and found the blockade. then should be redirection the nerv. It's not without rics. YEP NO RISC, NO FUN. gallows humour. one time I may this: FUCK!

I'm living still, but my gallery already dead. What a great day!

The once beauty of my current mood is your mood picture, adaira: I have a Roy :D

Fine, the Jude Cole Page works again. So I could listen some sounds. good music! Nice, with lyrics. There is also a videoclip from "Start The Car" by the letterma show. oh, even more clips from " Baby, It's Tonight" and "Time For Letting Go". I think, to shorty the songs all. I would like more! :)
the CD "Falling Home" is my favorite, not so loud and with many feeling.

I may introduce: my new "letterman".

my personal secretary for postings. therefore I find it more prettily than the original. Or not? ;)
ich muss ihn mir noch mal vorknöpfen und den lichteinfall noch einmal korrigieren. ist ein bisschen viel um die hände herum. heute nicht mehr. er läuft mir ja nicht weg.(I must corrected the light. it's to many around the hands. not more today.)

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