August 3rd, 2005


Kiefer as Paul Gauguin

I watched in the last days a lot of Kiefer movies.
One of them was Paradise Found,
very worth seeing and the newest in my collection.
In a rest of watching I made today this two wallpapers.


for full size click on the previews

alternate by error: #1 and #2
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again some movies more

Today I got my order from UK, some new Kiefer dvd's in original version of 'Last Light', 'Eye for an Killer' (aka 'After Alice') and 'The last day of Frankie the Fly'. I know all of them as German synchronizations and have either records versions or dvd's without the English audio track but now I can watch too the original audio version.
But firstly I have made backups from all three dvd's. My PC did this alone, the program need only some settings and from to time I must change the dvd and time. In the meantime I watched 'The Right Temptation'. War planned for today.
Tomorrow I would get for sure the next package. My 'home' Amazon sent me a message about the shipping of my order, 'The Cowboy Ways'. So I have again enough stuff for the next days. The start would make tonight (or tomorrow in the morning) 'Last Light'.

And another nice message: In few days I would get some earrings and accessory a more as lovely pendant by my girlfriend adaira_d, that she has made for my. *big hug*

Last night I noticed the air disaster in Toronto. A plane from France couldn't timely brake and shoot over the runway and carch fire. On board was nearly 300 persons. It borders on a wonder that nobody was killed. Hardly thinking when one sees the pictures. I don't know, how many guardian angels are worked last night, presumable everyone.
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