March 31st, 2005


english lesson

Who is YIM? YIM is my new English teacher.
English live! Barely translation and answer in real time. But is funny too.

I saw Nina's end this time to German. Yep, we can see on TV firstly season three and today was the 14th from the longest day of Jack's life. Not new for me, but the first time in my language. I had watched already season three as UK-DVD-version. Today I dosn't need the battle with translation. OK, I know the end of the day. Nevertheless I watch season three again.
This last lines indicate me, I nee still a long time my English teacher. Good, that I know, what I mean. I hope, the reader too. But I think more, as I would write in German.

With two pictures, they I found again on the TV Community I have made another wallpaper. On a second I work in the moment. Oh, or better tommorow. It's late.

click on the picture for full size in 1024x768

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A break for Rod

And why this? I get today a big packet from Amazon, ans in it was 4 DVD's of Howard Carpendale, two with a concert and two with him as actor in a serial. And so i need my dvd drive for one of the DVD's. And was a break too for Paintshop, because i need the monitor for watch. In my stand alone dvd player lies a Kiefer. "Promised Land" is not the best film, i think, it's boring. I don't know, if I would finish, it would without Sutherland. I believe not.

My first work in Paintshop was today a walli of a other kind:

Image hosted by

At least Henni will happy over this. I think, she hasen't see this on her special individual page. Seh know, that I have in the last day's only one person in my art's and this wasn't her favorit.
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