March 19th, 2005

Jack Bauer

new walls

Danish has post in Kieferland no "Hockey-Kiefer" this weekend. Too bad for LB and the other visitor. And no new pictures of "Hockey-Kiefer". :(
quote: "Representatives for Kiefer Sutherland announced production schedules for the filming of 24 changed, preventing Hockey Challenge 2005 Celebrity Chair and Golden Globe winning star Sutherland from participating in the seventh annual charity event."

At the moment I'm again in wallpaper-mood. And so
I have made three new wall's (1024x768):


click to the thumbnail for preview in original size
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three mens

Today I was tby the hair-dresser. The hairs are off. No, no, not all. But again goodly shorty.
And I have buy me a CD of Rod Stewart, they are listen I in the moment. That's I can't tell Henni. For she are now Howard, Howard and Howard. For my Kiefer, Howard and in the moment Stewart. *grin*

Oh, Henni had even "inveighed" with me. She would also a wallpaper, but not with a Kiefer. I can't understand this! No, no, she is a lovely person. She had every time a open ear for me. And I can tell her all, the good and the bad things. She looks even in my gallery and show the new arts. But she would like rather a other man of her desktop.
OK Henni, you get your wall's:
for full size (1024x768) click to the preview

One she get today and one tomorrow. On my desktop keep up to date my "Hi, I am Jack". Not to believe by his look, it's a Jack Bauer.

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smirking two

Nun habe ich ein passendes Wallpaper zu meinem Avatar. Es ist zwar auch ein Jack Bauer, aber ich habe es trotzdem zu den Kiefer Walls gepackt. Ich glaube, da ist es besser aufgehoben. Glaubt ja sonst keiner, das "24" eine Actionserie ist.

For my smirking ava even a apposite smirking wall:

for full size (1024x768) click to the preview

It's a Bauer, but I think, this wall go better to the Kiefer walls. It is to maybe dark? I don't know. I think the blue in the right background and of the shirt collar the great.
(I hope, I have found the right words. Some wors have various meanings.)

Sorry A, your Jack was already obliged to go for my newbie. But I have even three places for userpics. Look in this face! I couldn't other. I found today great brushes of wizzicons [here] and born was my new Jack.

And I found still nice bruhes of innocenceagain [here] for great lighteffects.
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