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good links for me

A little late tonight. But in Germany every Wednesday "24-Day". Here firstly season three, episode four. It's duty for a Kiefer fan, what he/she looks now  in the "longest day of his life". I watched this season yet in english in  the summer. But now also good, I see Jack to german. I can lighter understand.  Only Kiefers voice I'm missing, Tobias Meister, the german synchro-Jack, makes also a good job, but isn't a Kiefer. 

Ooh fine, new stuff for me. I'm to search for all, what I can find for tips, brushes, examples and so on. Im testing at time photoshop 7. it's a great program. and I see, that effects to get with brushes. I dont know before. It's not a wounder. I'm here at home the only one of a kinds to geek for computer. - "geek", this word I hear her firstly and this was also a long way to understand it. - And here now so many helps for me. And today nor more new links to adaira.